Ching Wang

Full Stack Software Engineer

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I am available to start immediately as a Junior Fullstack Software Engineer in London. I’m a self-starter, with energy, enthusiasm and passion for problem solving and learning new things. I can bring a breadth of business experience and pragmatism from my previous roles in the sourcing and shipping industry.

You can reach me at, and I’d love to hear from you.

You can download a copy of my CV here.

I have full rights to work in the UK and do not require visa sponsorship.

Software Engineering, Flatiron School London

I graduated from the Software Engineering course at Flatiron School London.

This is a comprehensive full-stack curriculum that equipped me with knowledge of software engineering across the web technology stack (see below). I gained practical, applicable software engineering skills and have been putting them to use in a range of projects.

I’m also a fast and enthusiastic learner who is keen to acquire more knowledge and take on new challenges. Since graduating, I have added a number of new technologies to my tool-belt, including TypeScript, Flask and system design and deployment on AWS.

Key technologies

Technical projects

You can see examples of my software engineering work on my projects page.

Some examples:

What to Watch

Front end: React | Back end: Rails | Live deployment

What to Watch

A web app film wishlist and recommender that integrates with multiple APIs to help users find and manage films they want to watch.

Built with: Rails, JS, React, Semantic UI, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Netlify


Front end | Back end | Live deployment


An interactive vocabulary learning game using Rails, JavaScript and CSS. Users flip cards in pairs to memorise vocabulary.

Built with: Rails, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Netlify

Ching’s Kitchen

Front end | Back end | Live deployment

Ching's Kitchen

A demo site using SCSS mixins for CSS media queries to achieve a responsive design in a maintainable codebase, deployed to AWS EC2 behind Nginx.

Built with: SCSS, Bootstrap, Flask, AWS, EC2, Nginx

Previous business experience

Sourcing Manager at Azooza Ltd, London

I was responsible for end-to-end sourcing and product delivery at Azooza, where I applied my negotiation skills, problem-solving and lateral thinking abilities to enable effective communication between business stakeholders and suppliers at all stages of the production process.

I helped the company establish its core business and created effective business relationships with key suppliers. I created two new prouct brands for the company, managing all stages from sourcing and selecting the project range through to packaging design and delivery.

Quality & Production Coordinator at FIMA Group, London

At FIMA Group I applied my project management skills and manufacturing knowledge to ensure high-quality and timely delivery of products, by overseeing and improving end-to-end production processes. I introduced a new sample management system to help the company organise product sampling in an ISO-compliant management workflow.

Earlier educational background

I obtained my BA in English Language & Literature from Shanghai International Studies University, a prestigious institution that is ranked highly for foreign language studies in China.

I also earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Tongji University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China that is particularly renowned for its engineering, business and architecture programs.


You can reach me at, and I’d love to hear from you.

You can download a copy of my CV here.