Ching Wang

Some Benefits of Static Sites

Notes to myself

You might have noticed that this is a static website. Here are some reasons why I chose a static website instead of a dynamic one.

Fast to load

With a dynamic website like Wordpress, the page is generated when you make a request to the server. The server has to do some work to load the content from the database and render it into an HTML page.

With a static website, on the other hand, you generated all of the HTML files once in advance. All the server has to do is serve the pre-generated HTML file for a request. This is much less work, so it’s a lot faster. You might notice this when you visit a static site – they often feel a lot faster.

This also has another benefit: the site can serve more requests at once without slowing down. This is handy if you are lucky enough to make the front page of Hacker News!

Cheap to host

Because the server has to do less work for each request, it’s a lot cheaper to host a static site. You don’t need a database or any other components; you just need to store and serve files.

AWS has a free tier for one year which I plan to use. It lets you use S3 to host your static site free for one year and then cheaply (as in pennies a year) after that.

More secure

One problem with dynamic sites like Wordpress is that they often get hacked. Because the content management and content serving are all in one system on the server, it’s possible for a hacker to get access to the whole thing and make changes on your live website.

With a static website, there is much less to be hacked. You can let Amazon handle the security of the files they are hosting for you.

Easy to maintain

Static sites can be easy to maintain, because you don’t have to worry about upgrades and server maintenance. The website is simpler so there is less to maintain.


Finally, it can be easier to port content from a static site system. All the content is in plain markdown files rather than stuck in some database where it’s hard to transfer. This also means that you can use version control like Git to track your content.